Plant Based Food Wrap

8.250 KD

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Dreaming of a zero-waste kitchen? Handmade in South Australia these stunning food wraps are a must for every eco-friendly household. Replace plastic wrap with this food safe reusable option. 

Cover food and store food, wrap the left over fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and other snacks. They stick to any dish (glass, metal, wood) simply let the warmth from your hands soften the wraps enough to stick to the dish. 



- Handmade

- 100% organic cotton fabric

- Plant based wax (VEGAN)

- All natural ingredients like tree resin and jojoba oil


How to Clean: Be careful not to leave them to high heat or hot water. The essential oils used to make the wraps makes them naturally anti-bacterial. When cleaning them, simply wipe them with a damp dishcloth. Use diluted dishwater if necessary.