Safety Razor - Rockwell R1 in White Chrome

7.500 KD

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The  R1 Rookie by Rockwell consists of a single blade for a closer and smoother shave, and is perfect for beginners. For those who appreciate a classic barbershop shave with a modern twist, there is a convenient butterfly opening for safe and easy blade change. Provides a comfortable grip so that you can achieve an accurate shave. 

Comes with a 5-pack of Rockwell Double-Edge Blades. 


How to place razor:

Turn the base of the razor handle to open the butterfly doors. Carefully insert a Rockwell Razor blade on the head of the razor. Ensure the blade is secure and then turn the bottom of the handle until the butterfly doors close completely.

Caution: Blades are extremely sharp! Dispose of used blades in a Rockwell Blade Bank or other safe container.