Safety Razor - Rockwell 6C in Gunmetal

13.250 KD

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The 6C by Rockwell is a customizable double edge safety razor built specifically to ease shaving for men with coarse or thick facial hair.

Easily switch from levels 1-6, finding your perfect combination to groom, trim or shave.

Presented in a sturdy and bold finish, Rockwell Razors' Gunmetal edition of their 6C razor makes a perfect gift, and is the ultimate tool for use on the burliest of gentlemen.


How to place razor:

Unscrew the handle and place a Rockewell Razor blade on the cap of the razor. Place the plate on the loaded cap and screw the handle back on. The number visible on the exposed plate when assembled is the size in use.

Caution: Blades are extremely sharp! Dispose of used blades in a Rockwell blade Bank or other safe container.