Dolls by Banat OmSoud

35.000 KD

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The dolls are made by hand in the traditional Kwuaiti way, passed down through generations. The inspiration for the dolls’ personalities comes from Om Soud’s childhood friends. Each doll has traditional Kuwaiti name, traditional dress, unique hair and style. No two dolls are alike.

Meet Aisha

“My name is Aisha and they call me ‘Ayoush’ or ‘Awasha’. My girlfriends say I have a sense of humor because I love to joke around with them a lot and I hate being negative. My hair is long and as thick as a pony’s tail.”

Meet Mariam

“I have a big heart and am very patient. I love to be around other people and I hate to gossip. My problem is I don’t know how to express my emotions and I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I love something I become passionate about it. Everyone calls me ‘Maryooma’ “


About This Brand:

  • Local women-owned and family run business,  
  • A Kuwaiti woman and her 2 daughters created this brand to celebrate Kuwaiti heritage and their love of crafts and beautiful things.