Natural Deodorant

16.500 KD

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Fine products are natural and 100% vegan, without animal testing, artificial preservatives, dyes, other fillers or synthetic fragrances. The deodorants are free from aluminum salts. 

The beautiful wooden spatulas made of walnut are lovingly hand-made in Berlin in an anthroposophical workshop for people with special needs.


Application: Take a pea-sized amount and apply it carefully over the entire armpit. Wait a moment for it to move in, then enjoy your day.


3 scents are available in a pot or tube:

Vetiver Geranium is the original fragrance from Fine Cosmetics and is already a classic. The woody-tart, sophisticated fragrance exudes a sensual warmth and is equally suitable for men and women.

Cedar Bergamot impresses with its woody, warm and at the same time citrusy fragrance. A slight note of cinnamon creates the depth that makes this unisex fragrance an experience for everyone.

Senza is made without essential oils and without baking soda. This variant is ideally suited for highly sensitive and stressed skin.