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Aromatic Candles
Aromatic Candles
Aromatic Candles
Aromatic Candles

Aromatic Candles

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You'll easily create a beautiful atmosphere at home with these Aromatic Candles. The candles are hand poured with soy wax and natural essential oils. The wick is made of organic braided cotton.

Four scents are available:

Evergreen: Ylang ylang, vetiver, cedarwood, and sandalwood

Aged Spice: Wild plums, patchouli, distressed leather, and violet petals

Tuscan Leather: Amber, thyme, jasmine, and saffron

Oud Essence: Agarwood, musk, rose, and amber



Weight:  220g - 7.8oz

Burning Time:  50 hours 

  • Hand poured natural soy wax (sustainable, phthalate free)
  • Made from natural essential oils
  • Organic braided cotton wicks
  • Paraffin and toxin free
  • Cruelty free
  • Free of dyes
  • Vegan friendly


About this brand:

  • Local Kuwaiti brand
  • All products are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free and recyclable