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Why Choose Ao

We aim to support your transition into a more conscious lifestyle by introducing you to alternatives, as well as sharing tips and valuable information. We hope to support you in becoming a conscious consumer, whose choices are mindful of health and kinder to the environment and its inhabitants.
Being a conscious consumer means making an informed choice when shopping by having an awareness of the impact that the product has on your health, the people and countries involved in production, and the environment as a whole, including animals.
Ao was created from our passion for a better and more fair world, and we always keep these 3 standards in mind when making decisions:
We see the human body, mind and soul in a holistic way, where an imbalance or illness in one area will affect the other. We believe you are your best and true self when you have a sound body, mind and soul. From that standpoint you can make better and compassionate decisions.
We all, individually, need to hold ourselves accountable for the
impacts our choices make. We aim to provide information and products to our
you so that you can be informed and begin to make conscious
Gratitude is an attitude we try to keep on the daily. With the help and support of our community (yes, you!) we can inspire a newfound respect for our planet. We thank you every step of the way.



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