Terms & Conditions


Ao ensures the security of all information provided by customers on both the website and all other forms of social media, including but not limited to Instagram and Whastsapp. Customer information is used only to fulfill orders and deliveries. We respect our customers right to privacy and therefore we do not share personal information with third parties, with exception to delivery services which require a contact number and address. Names and other personal information are never disclosed.  


All items in the shop are available unless noted to be out of stock. To be notified of when an item is back in stock, kindly send an email to info@aokwt.com. All orders are made through this website. In the event of website failure, we will accept sales through our Instagram application. 


Payment options include; K-Net, credit card, and cash on delivery. K-Net and credit card payments are completed through a reputable and secure third-party application. Ao ensures the security of all non-cash payments made. The delivery charge is a flat rate of KD 3.000.

All terms & conditions are subject to change. We invite you to revisit this page to stay updated on our most recent terms & conditions.