Glass Straw

2.600 KD

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Get that plastic out of your mouth!! Millions of single-use plastic straws are used every day – but we now have so many alternatives.


All straws come with a straw cleaner included.

They are available in:

Short: 6 inches

Regular: 8 inches (typical straw length)

Set of 2: 1 Regular & 1 Short

Set of 4: Regular 8 inches

Set of 4: Dotted 8 inches

So.. Why glass?

Glass straws are durable and able to withstand temperature changes and pressure. You wont freeze or burn your lips when sipping on your drink thanks to the double insulation (If you’ve used a metal straw to sip on your hot coffee, then you know what I’m talking about!) Plus, they are easy to clean since you can see right through them.

These straws were made in Wertheim, Germany by the family owned business Stiefelmayer-Contento GmbH & Co.