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Ao X Soufflé Beauty

26.000 KD

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Pamper yourself with eco friendly personal care and cruelty free beauty. Ao has teamed up with Souffle Beauty to curate our latest bundle. The bundle includes; 2 Salus Shower Bombs (Amber Splash and Respiratory & Sinus Blend), Plastic phobia Bamboo Cotton Buds, Souffle Beauty Cleansing Balm, Toner, and Serum. 

More about each Product

Shower Bombs - No bathtub? No problem, these shower bombs upgrade your boring old shower routine into a rejuvenating, aromatherapeutic experience. Two cents included - Respiratory & Sinus Blend for a deep inhalation of luxury and Amber splash to spoil your senses.

Bamboo Cotton Buds - These bamboo cotton buds are essential to every beauty routine. They are 100% natural, organic, sustainable, and biodegradable. 

The Balm - Bulgarian Rose Cleaning Balm is a lightweight silky moisturizing cleanser and makeup remover, suitable for all skin types and is paraben & alcohol free.

The Toner - Bulgarian Rose Toner refreshes and locks in moisture, enriched with antioxidants to keep skin cells healthy and remove dirt. 

The Elixir - Bulgarian Rose Serum repairs, rejuvinates and restores the skin’s PH balance while keeping it hydrated.