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Dual Bowls by Saffar Crafts

45.000 KD

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Dual bowls are one-of-a-kind works of art that can be displayed in your home as decoration, and they are the ideal eco-friendly and meaningful gift for a loved one. Your purchase shows support for local initiatives who work with recycled materials and sustainability in mind.

These bowls bring new life to old Kuwaiti traditional sand casting. The artist Kawthar Al Saffar, of Saffar Crafts, makes a statement in each piece by highlighting the unique markings and imperfections that are caused by the complex fusion of metals during the sand casting process.

Saffar worked with The Alwafi Foundry in Kuwait to create these stunning bowls. Sand from the Nile River is used to make moulds, which are filled with recycled brass, copper, zinc, aluminium, or nickel. The metals are either poured, plated, or cut and fit together. Sand casting is a traditional method that few artisans still use, and Saffar is reviving with her artwork. This process, using only sand and water is sustainable with little waste product.



Materials: Recycled brass, copper, zinc, aluminium, and nickel

Dimensions: 150mm diameter x 5.5mm

Weight: 1.5kg