Coconut Bowl

4.600 KD

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The coconut bowl is handcrafted from coconut shells that were meant to be thrown out or burned as waste. These eco-friendly bowls are perfect for everything from stir fries to smoothie bowls. With every bowl you purchase you help the environment, support rural craftsmen, and donate towards feeding hungry people around the world. 

Each coconut is cut, sanded and cleaned before being finished with an organic coconut oil polish. Absolutely nothing artificial is used during the process.

Each bowl has it's own shape, size, color and markings. So every coconut bowl is unique, just like you.

Charity Alert! A percentage of the profits of these coconut bowls goes to the World Food Programme. Each year the WFP assists over 80 million people around the globe by delivering food assistance in emergencies and working closely with communities to improve nutrition. The WFP is on a mission to achieve zero hunger, deliver food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.