DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Essential Oils


Hello to all my fellow eco-warriors out there. All of us at Team Ao are super excited to be starting this blog!

let me introduce myself, I’m Tahani, Co-owner of Ao Community, and I’ll be keeping it simple with this first post. I want to share with you an easy recipe for homemade multi-purpose cleaner. You’ll be able to clean countertops, tile floors, glass surfaces, and even plastic surfaces with it. It’s so easy and only takes a few minutes to make.

To make the cleaner you will need:

Step 1

Place your fresh lemon peels in your clean empty glass jar. The peels of 1-2 lemons should do the trick. 

Step 2

Fill the jar with white vinegar leaving at least 2cm at the top. Careful not to over fill the jar, that can cause pressure to build and we don't want that!

Step 3

Let the jar sit in a cool dark place for 12 -24 hours. 

Step 4

Strain the peels out of the liquid and pour it into your spray bottle. Add 5-10 drops each of Tea Tree and Lemongrass essential oils. Be sure to give the bottle a good shake before each use. 

In a glass bottle this solution can last up to one year, if using a plastic bottle we don’t recommend keeping it longer than six months. 

Essential oils do better in glass and away from direct sunlight, which is why I chose to reuse this bottle. The tinted glass will help protect the solution so it will last longer. So if you have used a clear or plastic bottle, just be sure to store your multi-purpose cleaner in a cool dark place like a pantry or under your kitchen sink.

Have a pet in the house?

As with any household cleaner make sure the ingredients you are using are safe for your pet. Not all essential oils are pet friendly, a simple google search can help you here and you can easily swap out the oils for a different scent or omit them altogether if you wish.

Warning - never use vinegar to clean granite surfaces, it can cause permanent damage. And remember to always store cleaning products away from children's reach. 

With Gratitude - Tahani 


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